EUROGUIDE 263a   |  MATÉRIAU : Aluminium

EURO-GLASS BLOCK SYSTEM Rapid, simple and safe system for the construction of glass block partitions.
Tools required: Drill and bits, Screwdriver, Level, silicone gun, hand saw.
Material required: Plugs and screws, EURO GUIDES 263A, EURO CORNER 265A OR 265S, Glass blocks and bonding silicone and grout.
Material for 1m2: EURO GUIDE 263A/18,4... 20u. EURO GUIDE 263A/100... 6u.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Maximum height 3 m. As regards the width, between 1.50 and 3 m., you are recommended to place three bonding points. These measures are subject to the quality of the adhesive.

Assembly steps:

1. Cut the Euro Guide 263A in line with the measurement of the partition to be built.

2.  A  Secure the Euro Guide 263A to the ground with plugs and screws which will serve as a guide. Use the spirit level to achieve a perfect placement at a right-angle with the wall.

3.  B  Place the Euro Guide 263A, in the same way, vertically, ensuring, with the spirit level, that the latter squares it. Secure to the wall using plugs and screws, drill at 5 cm on each edge and distribute the rest at a distance of 40 cm.
 C  The screw guide must remain inverted between the horizontal Euro Guide and the vertical.

4.  D  Place silicone on the vertical and horizontal side of the EURO GUIDES 263A secured to the wall and ground to place the first glass block. Slip via the vertical guide a Euro Guide 263A parallel to that on the ground.

5.  D  Pass the Euro Guide 263A/18,4 via the horizontal Euro Guides (lower and upper) until sticking it to the first glass block.

6.  E  Place Glass blocks and 18.4 cm guides until completing the first row, using the silicone in the manner shown:  D  silicone on both guides (vertical and horizontal) and on the upper part of the glass block. Place bonding silicone on all the surfaces to be joined.

7.  F  Repeat steps 4 to 6 until reaching the desired height

8. Once all the glass blocks have been placed, grout using silicone.

9. To finish off the partition, place Euro corner: 265A (Shiny silver, Matt silver and White) 265S (Polished stainless steel).



EURO-GLASS BLOCK SYSTEM 263A Longueur 0,184 m. Emballage: 100 u/caisse.
a: 70 mm
  Longueur 1 m. Emballage: 20 u/caisse.
a: 70 mm
  Longueur 2 m. Emballage: 20 u/caisse.
a: 70 mm