uromultipurpose 213s

Euromultipurpose 213s   |  MATERIAL : Stainless steal

stainless steel profiles for protecting the edges of ceramic tilings with multiple purposes:

- Decorative listello,
- Edge protection,
- Finishing on floors and walls,
- Steps,
- Dividers

Asymmetrical multipurpose profile with a visible part of 25 mm that enhances the appearance of the most avant-garde rooms, and can be combined with any kind of tiling. The visible section of the stripping provides an asymmetrical edge which complements the corners of ceramic tilings, giving a perfect finishing which complies with the aesthetics and design according to the new trends in design. This square edge gives a perfect area divider on the floor, because of its high level of hardness and resistance, and its also can be used as a decorative elements. Its use is indicated both in private housings and in public or industrial construction work ,interiors or exteriors. The profile is supplied with a protection film which grants the durability and gloss, once the installation is finished, it has to be removed


Inox Brillo


Inox Cepillado

EUROMULTIPURPOSE 213S Lenght 2,50 m. Packing: 20 u/box.
h: 12,5 mm