urocove 191

Eurocove 191   |  MATERIAL : PVC

PVC profile used mainly for internal corners. However, it can also be used to assemble the wall-floor joint, where only the use of the range of colours is advised.
Compensates the horizontal and vertical movement existing between the wall and floor. This profile meets special sanitising and cleaning standards required by the food industry, industrial kitchens, hospitals or similar sites.
Available in a broad range of colours, brights and decorations


EUROCOVE 191 - 191B - 191D Length 2,55 m. Packing: 150 u/box.
COLOURS Colour range Ref. 191 Bright colour range Ref. 191B Decoration range Ref. 191D
h: 6 mm
h: 8 mm
h: 10 mm
h: 12 mm