urocorner 183

Eurocorner 183   |  MATERIAL : PVC

Profile with straight shape for external corners in tilings. Its main function is to protect ceramic tile edging from damage of mechanical stress.
This product offers a wide range of combinations with all types of ceramic tile products thanks to its extensive range of colours.
Made with HIGH-QUALITY PVC in a wide range of sizes, according to the attached table. For our Vinyl Compound, possibilities include:

• Any type of colour or decoration according to each customer's needs.
• Different sizes, in case the customer needs a measurement not specified in our catalogue.


EUROCORNER 183 Length 2,55 m. Packing: 150 u/box.
COLOURS Colour range
h: 6 mm
h: 8 mm
h: 10 mm
h: 12 mm